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Creating a Workshop Collection in CSGO

To create a workshop collection:

Goto ->
Login to your steam account (that has CSGO in it's library)

Goto the CSGO workshop Page ->
Click the Create Collection button ->

Fill out the information

Navigate to the pages of the maps you want to add you can use the search feature or google. Example dust 2 page:

Then click the add to collection button and select your collection then click OK.

After you have done this go back to your collections page collections page and click on your new collection

You can now click edit collection to re-arrange the order of the collection (the maps that are in it)

Once you have made your collection the way you would like it you must publish it so that it can be used on the servers, you will see a blue box saying "This collection is not yet published" just click the white publish button inside that box and then you will see be taken to the page for example:

In this example the steamworkshop id for my collection is : 306529269

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