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How to install a Forge server (minecraft)

First of all you will want to download this premade package we have put together which includes forge:

After downloading this zip file you will want to upload it to the minecraft control panel by going to the files tab and selecting Upload File:
minecraft upload forge server

Next you must "Unzip" the file into the server folder in order to unpack all of the files for your server. Select the zip file in the control panel and choose the "unzip" option in the menu. You should see new files if you press the Refresh button.

Once you have uploaded the file you have downloaded and extracted it, please navigate to the config tab.

Inside config go ot the section "Jar File" and select "Custom Jar" from the dropdown menu.

Next enter the name of the custom jar in the text box section below (Custom Jar Location)

In our case we will write:


Now, click "Save Changes" at the bottom of the page and start up your server!

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